Friday, November 2, 2012

The Kind of Radiation treatment Used For Digestive tract Cancer

Digestive tract or intestinal tract melanoma starts in the colon or anus. There are 5 levels to this way of melanoma. If the melanoma is still in the inner most coating of the colon and has not propagate anywhere, it is in level 0. In level 1, the melanoma has extended from the inner coating to the center coating. The melanoma is considered to be in level 2 when it has propagate past the center layer. The melanoma becomes level 3 when at least three lymph nodes are affected. In Stage 4, the melanoma is in the most developed level and has already propagate to the nearby lymph nodes and most parts of the body program.

In the early levels of melanoma, that is level 0 and level 1, when it has not propagate, then the melanoma can be removed operatively. When it is in the later levels, chemo is required after surgery treatment. The treatment is with a combination of chemo and rays. Chemotherapy represents the medication that are implemented to destroy melanoma tissues. These medication are given in many ways. They can be applied intravenously by hypodermic injection and intravenously by using a push. They can also be given in pill type. These medication have a accurate amount and programs for taking them.

Cancer tissues develop more easily than normal tissues. Chemotherapy therapies affect fast growing tissues and, therefore, will act on the tissues of melanoma. Unfortunately, certain tissues of the body program also develop easily. These are tissues in the hair, skin tissues, defense mechanisms and also tissues in the digestive tract, neck and mouth. Chemotherapy therapies are given for the different levels of melanoma and depends on the advance of melanoma in the body program.

Normally chemo is given in shifts. One may take chemo every week for eight weeks. Chemotherapy can also be taken every a month for nine months. It could also be received every day of the week. The duration and regularity will depend on the level of the intestinal tract melanoma.

Neoadjuvant chemo is given before surgery treatment. This is done to contract the tumor. Choices will then be able to eliminate the tumor with no problems. Radiation along with chemo makes the procedure effective. It will then be possible for the physician to eliminate it.

Adjuvant chemo is given after surgery treatment and removal of the melanoma. This is employed to eliminate any melanoma tissues that the surgery treatment may have skipped and those that have propagate to the liver.

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